Behind every website that has ever been built, there are literally thousands of lines of code which is the programming. Web developers produce this code which instructs your internet browser precisely how to display the web page you want to view. There is a multitude of ways to create the code that makes up your website, so what does it really mean?

Benefits to buying a hand-coded website from ROHSIGMA :

  • Rohsigma have full knowledge of how the website works and so are able to fully support it
  • Full control over the design and functionality of the website and so we can produce a bespoke solution based on your exact requirements
  • Implementing the latest best practices and techniques. Optimising your website for search engines and for visitors (improved speed/accessibility etc.)
  • ROHSIGMA are able to add custom functionality to your website without having to rely on existing solutions


ROHSIGMA specialise in business start-ups helping the local become Glocal by offering bespoke Websites, Apps and Cyber Security protection stratagems. Over 20 years creating/securing networks and databases for business, ROHSIGMA create systems uniquely catered for your industry and profession. Simplicity and uniqueness with coding has benefitted previous clients by a 100% productivity increase after development and deployment.


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Email: rich rohsigma.com